Langrisser Mobile Redeem Code (December 2021)

Codes can get you free rewards in Langrisser Mobile. Here is the list of all the active promo codes you can use in Langrisser Mobile.

Langrisser mobile brings the entire roster of characters from the Langrisser franchise, and players have received the game well. Langrisser mobile follows the classic gacha format, which is why players can either grind through the game or use codes to get in-game currencies and boosters to get a head start. Here is the list of all the active codes you can use in Langrisser mobile.

All Langrisser Mobile Redeem Codes – Dec 2021

Codes get introduced and expired very quickly in Langrisser mobile, which is why we have prepared two separate lists of codes. Here are all the active codes you can use in Langrisser.

Langrisser Mobile (Active Codes)

Here are all the active codes for the game

  • thanksgiving2021
  • Halloween2021
  • 95HZ74T4B
  • Ledin122r
  • Ledin122i
  • BestFriendJugler
  • Ledin122c
  • Ledin122s
  • Ledin122h

Langrisser Mobile Expired Codes

Fortunately, as of now, none of the codes have expired for Langrisser mobile. As soon as any of the above-mentioned codes expire, we will be updating our article, so keep an eye on it.

How To Redeem Codes In Langrisser Mobile

The code redemption process is different for iOS and Android versions of Langrisser mobile. Let us see how to redeem codes in Langrisser Mobile Android


  • Go to the world map section and then click on your player Avatar
  • Go to the code redemption page and enter any of the above mentioned codes
  • After entering the code, click on the redeem button to get your free rewards.


  • iOS players should first select the server name and then type their Account ID
  • Enter the gift code and then click on the redeem button
  • After clicking the redeem button, you will be able to see the rewards in your account

These were all the redeem codes you can use to get free rewards in Langrisser mobile, along with how to redeem the codes in iOS and Android.

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