Roblox Anime Mania Characters List – Legendary, Rare, Mythical & More

Here's a complete list of characters that you can unlock in Roblox Anime Mania.

Anime Mania is one of the most popular games available on Roblox. The only reason why it becomes everyone’s favorite is it lets players choose their favorite Anime characters in the game. For the unversed, players can unlock new characters from Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and more to create their team and kill plenty of bosses in Anime Mania.

To get a new character unlocked in Anime Mania, players will have to roll and use Gems. There are numerous characters that players can unlock and each character has its own abilities and rarities. So, make sure to have enough Gold and Gems to collect the strongest character in Anime Mania.

Making your work a lot easier, we have compiled a list of all Anime Mania characters that can be unlocked by spending Gems on Special rolls.

Here Are All Characters in Anime Mania – Complete List

As we have mentioned above, Anime Mania has plenty of characters to choose from. To make things a bit easier, we have mentioned Mythical, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common characters separately.

Mythical Characters

Character  Anime
Pink Son Monkey (Goku Black) Dragon Ball
Ascension (Dio Over Heaven) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Dreamer (Giorno Giovanna) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Joenie (Johnny Joestar) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Majority for Individual (All For One) My Hero Academia
Prime White Bear (Prime Whitebeard) One Piece

Legendary Characters

Character  Anime
Masta (Asta) Black Clover
Pisuke (Kisuke) Bleach
Kenpachi (Kentachi) Bleach
Zarrk (Starrk) Bleach
Nil (Ulquiorra) Bleach
Tamamoto (Yamamoto) Bleach
Trolly (Broly) Dragon Ball
Stagger (Hit) Dragon Ball
Child Boo (Kid Buu) Dragon Ball
Deus (Dio) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Yoshi Kira (Yoshikage Kira) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Weather Reporter (Weather Report) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Gucci (Enrico Pucci) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Humorous Valentine (Funny Valentine) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Nojo (Gojo) Jujutsu Kaisen
All Mighty (All Might) My Hero Academia
Hauled Over (Overhaul) My Hero Academia
Hell Flame (Endeavor) My Hero Academia
Freezing Inferno (Todoroki) My Hero Academia
Mudra (Madara) Naruto
Awakened Hitachi (Awakened Itachi) Naruto
Minatoes (Minato) Naruto
Hawkme (Mihawk) One Piece
White Bear (Whitebeard) One Piece
Lace (Ace) One Piece
Mochi Master (Charlotte Katakuri) One Piece
Thunder God (Enel) One Piece
Zakainu (Sakazuki Akainu) One Piece
Phoenix (Marco) One Piece

Uncommon Characters

Character  Anime
Tukia (Rukia) Bleach
Bantai Echigo (Bankai Ichigo) Bleach
Son Monkey SSJ (Goku) [Super Saiyan] Dragon Ball
Deku (Izuku Midoriya) My Hero Academia
Teen Maruto (Teen Naruto) Naruto
Teen Sakaki (Teen Sasuke) Naruto
Zolo (Zoro) One Piece
Cog 2nd Fuffly (Gear 2nd Luffy) One Piece
Godalomia (Bartholomeo) One Piece

Common Characters

Character  Anime
Lad (Chad) Bleach
Echigo (Ichigo) Bleach
Puryuu (Uryu) Bleach
Son Monkey (Goku) Dragon Ball
Laser Belly (Aoyama) My Hero Academia
Maruto (Naruto) Naruto
Sakaki (Sasuke) Naruto
Trashura (Sakura) Naruto
Wami (Nami) One Piece
Tanji (Sanji) One Piece
Fuffly (Luffy) One Piece

Rare Characters

Character  Anime
Komodura (Komamura) Bleach
Zyakura (Byakuya) Bleach
Grimmjoe (Grimmjow) Bleach
Visorded Echigo (Vizard Ichigo) Bleach
Chilling Tukia (Bankai Rukia) Bleach
Shinjo (Shinji) Bleach
Lad Unhinged (Chad Fullbringer) Bleach
Tangerine (Tanjiro) Demon Slayer
Atika (Akira) Devilman Crybaby
Jon (Jonathan Joestar) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Tojaro Pujo (Jotaro Kujo) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Coolnareff (Polerneff) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Joesuke (Josuke Higashikata) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Zipper Expert (Bruno Bucciarati) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Joenie (Johnny Joestar) [Tusk Act 1] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Gio Gio (Giorno Giovanna) [Golden Experience] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Labi (Dabi) My Hero Academia
Kakugan (Bakugo) My Hero Academia
Cold Fire (Todoroki) My Hero Academia
Hitachi (Itachi) Naruto
Concentrated Maruto (Naruto Sage Mode) Naruto
Alligator (Crocodile) One Piece
TS Fuffly (Post-Timeskip Luffy) One Piece
Smogger (Smoker) One Piece
Melidass (Meliodas) The Seven Deadly Sins


That’s everything you need to know about Roblox Anime Mania characters and how to unlock them in 2021.