Anime Warriors Tier List (December 2021) – All Best Characters Ranked

Here are all the best characters ranked in Anime Warriors.

There are tons of players who have been struggling to find the best characters in Anime Warriors as it has just been launched on Roblox. We all know how difficult it is to choose the perfect characters at the beginning of the game. With that in mind, we have created the Anime Warriors tier list, ranking all the best and worst characters.

Notably, our Anime Warriors tier list is entirely based on our experience and information available on Reddit, Discord, and Google. The reason why tons of players are having a hard time selecting the best Anime Warriors characters is it has numerous characters to choose from. 

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Notably, our Anime Warriors tier list is not a permanent one, it will change in the times to come as the developers of the are considering adding more characters to the game. As soon as they add new characters to the game, we will make changes to this tier list.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at our Anime Warriors tier list.

Anime Warriors Tier List – All Characters Ranked

In our tier list, we have ranked all Anime Warriors characters into six tiers — S, A, B, C, D, and E. Tier A represents all OP characters available in the game while tier D has all characters that will make you regret your choice in the game.

The characters mentioned in tier A, B, C, and D have best, excellent, good, and average characters, respectively.

S Tier Characters

  • Broky (Brolly)
  • Uraha (Kisuke Urahara)
  • Mihoko (Mihawk)
  • The 4th (Minato Namikaze)

A Tier Characters

  • Bejita (Vegeta)
  • Zabuzo (Zabuza)
  • Zorui (Zoro)
  • Goora (Gaara)
  • Kashidori (Kakashi)

B Tier Characters

  • Raditsu (Raditz)
  • Pikkoro (Piccolo)
  • Ruffy (Luffy)
  • Sanjuro (Sanji)
  • Son (Goku)
  • Ruyu (Uryu)
  • Kid Sassy (Kid Sasuke)
  • Nadda (Nappa)
  • Ichigan (Ichigo)

C Tier Characters

  • Narudo (Naruto)
  • Ched (Chad)
  • Usopie (Usopp)
  • Axe Wielding (Axe-Hand Morgan)
  • Yamucha (Yamcha)
  • Hikuma (Higuma)
  • Tion (Tien)
  • Kuririn (Krillin)
  • Kid Goran (Kid Gohan)
  • Master (Master Roshi)

D Tier Characters

  • Bandit
  • Mizuki
  • Marine
  • Mist Shinobi
That’s everything you need to know about Anime Warriors tier list.